My Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 06

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Big Load

A couple of nights later, Laura was back at work, on another night shift at the hospital. Donna and I were relaxing on the sofa, just watching TV. I was just wearing some loose-fitting tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt; she was wearing a very un-sexy dressing gown. She was doing that girly thing, painting her toenails a rather nice shade of turquoise.

When she was happy that the varnish had dried, she turned herself round and laid her face in my lap, idly watching the TV. The proximity of her warmth and the feeling of her face close to my cock soon had it stirring — something which was obviously not lost on Donna! She opened her mouth slightly and started to gently tease my cock with her teeth through the fabric of my bottoms. It had been a couple of days since I was treated to fucking them both up their arses in one day, so my desire was building again.

‘You know you said the other day that you wished you had two cocks,’ she murmured.

‘Oh yes,’ I replied, ‘I was imagining what it would be like to really fuck your arse and pussy at the same time… you’d feel like you were taking two men at once!’

‘I’ve got something to show you,’ she said, climbing off the sofa. ‘Back in a minute’, as she disappeared upstairs.

She came back down, holding a large black rubber cock with a contraption of thin leather straps attached to it.

‘I guess you know what this is?’ she asked. I’d never actually seen one, but I’d watched plenty of lesbian porn, where they were used frequently as a substitute cock.

‘Of course, it’s a strap-on.’

‘I bought it because I fancied fucking Pete up the arse with it. The idea of doing that really turned me on!’

I took a close look at the device. The ‘cock’ was fixed to a holding plate on the arrangement of straps. ‘It’s detachable, so you can fit different sized dildos to the same harness’, she explained. The artificial penis was big — slightly thicker in girth than mine and at least an inch or so longer and quite rigid in a pliable sort of way. It was quite lifelike, with a pronounced head and thick veins.

‘I was never able to do that though… I could never get him to try something different. So I’ve just used it to pleasure myself. It does fill me up nicely, then I use my vibe on my clit to get off. A girl has needs, you know,’ she explained, smiling.

‘Can you fit that thing in your arse?’ I asked, intrigued now.

‘I’ve done it once or twice, but it is pretty big, so I had to be really relaxed. I was thinking, maybe you could wear it somehow, then you could fuck my pussy with that and use your trabzon escort cock to fuck my arse — at the same time!’ she said, with a sly little grin.

The idea of double-dicking Donna really gripped my swirling imagination. I was trying to figure out how we could actually do it, though. It was a very erotic idea, but I couldn’t see how I could mount the thing below my real cock — so having her doggy-style wasn’t really going to work. I stood up and offered the contraption in front of me. I positioned the plate on my pelvic bone, above my cock, the fake cock sticking out obscenely.

‘That looks really fucking horny!’ said Donna.

‘I reckon that might work,’ I said, ‘But you’d have to lay on your back, otherwise they’d be the wrong way round… and I do love having my cock up your arse!’

‘Shall we give it a go then?’ she asked, not really expecting an answer, and pulled my tracksuit bottoms down to my ankles, so I could step out of them. I quickly shrugged off my T-shirt as Donna slipped her lovely warm mouth over my swelling cock, inciting it to full hardness.

The straps were quite simple to fix and, in a few moments, the great artificial penis was jutting out from me, right above my real cock. ‘We’re going to need some lube’, she said. I quickly went off to the bathroom, both of my cocks swaying from side to side as I went. When I returned moments later with a bottle of baby oil, Donna had removed her dressing gown and had spread it out on the leather sofa.

Taking the bottle of oil, she poured a little into her hand and proceeded to massage it all over my cock, rhythmically pressing her thumb to the sensitive area under the head. I was soon achingly hard and ready for action. Then she switched her hand to the plastic cock, smearing it with oil as well. Laying back on the sofa, legs wide apart, I was treated to another full-on view of her delightful pussy and arse. Transfixed, I watched as she squirted a little oil onto her pussy, rubbed it all round her anus, then slipped a couple of fingers inside her rosebud hole, working them in and out.

Taking her fingers out, she slid to the edge of the sofa and wiggled her arse right to the edge. ‘Come and fuck me’, she said, simply. I knelt down and found that luckily, the sofa was just the right height for my cocks to aim at her pussy and arse.

She grasped the big plastic cock and steered it between her pussy lips and nudged it into her opening. I held my slippery cock against her tight little ring and pressed forward, easing it through the circle of muscle and into the warm trabzon escort bayan space beyond. She shifted her hips slightly, to ease the entry and I pushed forward again, feeling my cock being enveloped by her rectum and watching the black dildo disappearing into her wet, hairless cunt.

I could feel the shape and the pressure of the artificial cock pressing against mine, through the thin wall between her vagina and rectum. It made her feel so incredibly tight and the eroticism of the moment was overwhelming.

‘Oh, my fuck, that feels – so — fucking – good!’ she gasped, her breaths shallow and ragged. ‘Fuck me hard with your two dicks!’

I lunged forward with my hips, my cock bottoming out, my balls squashed against her arse cheeks, the dildo now fully embedded in her greedy pussy. She winced slightly and screwed her eyes up as I rotated my hips a little, driving both appendages as deep as they could possibly go. Pulling back, I started a pumping, deep fucking rhythm, grasping her ankles to push her legs even further back.

‘Oh my god, it feels like that thing is in my womb! Fuck my cunt, fuck my arse, give it to me!’

Her head was lolling from side to side, her hands grasping and clutching at the sofa. My strokes were becoming more urgent, rapidly building to the point of no return. The tightness of her sphincter and rectum was incredible; the added stimulation from the dildo, moving right above my cock, was quite exquisite. Leaning back slightly, I was able to take in the deliciously erotic sight of the two cocks sliding in and out of her at the same time. That vision was enough to take me to the brink and few moments later, I was squirting jet after jet of hot cum, deep into her willing arse.

I released her ankles and collapsed onto my elbows; our sweaty bodies pressed together. I moved my legs, one at a time, outside of hers and squeezed her legs together, trapping the two cocks tightly inside her and increasing the sensations yet further. Still hard, I started a gentle rocking motion, barely moving in or out. But with the oil, mixed with my slippery cum and her pussy juices, I was able to start sliding in and out a little.

‘Oh my god, that’s hitting right on my clit!’ she said, voice trembling. Supported on my elbows, I was able to use my fingers and thumbs to pinch and roll her nipples. Moments later, she was bucking and writhing underneath me, obliviously lost in the waves of her orgasm. She suddenly jolted and I felt a gush of wetness pouring over my cock and balls. I guessed what had just happened.

‘Wow, escort trabzon did you just squirt?’ I asked, as we started to untangle ourselves and I gently eased my cock and the dildo out of her. ‘That’s never happened to me before’, she said, face glowing. The top of her chest was flushed bright red, a sure sign she had had a full-on orgasm.

When I pulled away from her, I could see a huge, soaking wet patch on the dressing gown. It was absolutely saturated, so I was worried that there might be a massive stain on the sofa. I rolled it up a bit, to help contain the deluge, then slipped a couple of fingers into her soaking pussy. Her juices felt different, a little waterier and not quite as slippery as ‘ordinary’ pussy juice.

Raising my fingers to my mouth, I inhaled the scent, then licked her juices off, savouring the taste. Wanting more, I spread her legs and raised them with my hands behind her thighs. Burying my face in her sopping gash, I licked up and down between her labia, before shoving my tongue deep into her stretched pussy hole, sucking and licking out her nectar. Her taste was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. She ran her fingers through my hair and gently pulled me away.

‘Sorry babes, I can’t come any more… I’m too sensitive!’ she said softly. She was still trembling as I eased her off the dressing gown and rolled it up. Luckily, her gushing juices hadn’t got through to the sofa.

‘I think this will need a wash!’ I joked.

‘I think I need a wash too!’ she said, laughing. I unhitched the fake cock and sat down on the sofa beside her, put my arm round her and held her close. She nestled up beside me… our feelings of exhilaration and contentment were clearly mutual.

‘Was that good?’ I asked, feeling fairly confident what her response would be.

‘It was the absolute best, totally amazing. I’ve never felt so completely filled, it was like you were trying to split me in half!’, she sighed. After a moment’s pause, she added ‘Though it would have been nice to have another cock to suck, while you were fucking me like that!’

‘Donna, you are absolutely unbelievable!’ I remarked, slightly taken aback and not sure if she was really serious. ‘But you are one seriously horny lady, and I love fucking you!’

While we were still in our warm embrace, I whispered to her ‘Though there is one thing I’d really like to try with you…’

I went on to tell her what I had in mind and she replied, ‘I wouldn’t mind giving it a go, and I’m not making any promises, but you’ll have to let me recover a bit first! I’ll go and have a nice soak in the bath, while you put that – ‘, pointing at the rolled-up dressing gown, ‘- on a quick wash and I’ll give your new friend a rinse in the sink!’

With that, she picked up the strap-on, and headed for the bathroom.


To be continued…

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