My Sweet Indulgence

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How do you resist temptation when it’s so hard to avoid? This is a story about how, against my better judgment, I became involved in a clandestine affair with a man who both delighted my senses and muddled with my reason. He was my Eros personified – luring me to guilty pleasures and tapping into my carnal desires. Since we were both involved with someone else at the time, we had to keep our sweet indulgence to ourselves.

First, some background.

We met while studying in an art academy. He was an attractive man. Picture an all American guy with an athletic body, killer smile, and easy-going attitude who also has a European flare: charismatic, cultured, and a perfect gentleman. How can a woman resist?

He was friendly but usually kept to himself. For months, our interactions were all school related. Although we have had only casual exchanges, I did sense something alluring about him.

It all started when he asked me for some computer technical assistant. Was I in for a surprise that evening! What was supposed to be an innocent lesson on HTML turned into a seduction session. Our interaction that night instantly made him ten times sexier in my eyes.

We met up at a trendy wine bar and ordered two glasses of wine. It was our first one on one get-together. In the beginning, we stuck straightly to “business”; looking through his design ideas and talking about coding. But after a glass of wine, we loosen up a bit and our true selves started to show. Our conversation started to side track. Besides having great conversations about travel, food, and art, we also found out some very fascinating things about each other – such as our fantasy to have a threesome. All of a sudden, I noticed the way he looked at me was very different; it was kind of sexy.

After the wine bar, I invited him up to my place for tea and things started to get really interesting. I don’t even know how we got to that topic but he told me he took nude photos of himself for the purpose of studying artistic anatomy. I wanted to see them both from an artistic standpoint and from my curiosity to see what he looked like in the buff.

When he showed them to me on his computer (how convenient that he had them with him), I was utterly speechless and was barely able to contain myself. My eyes must have been bulging out of my head and fixed on the computer screen. I am sure he LOVED my reaction. He was very well-built; broad shoulders, defined arms, nice set of pecs., and rock hard abs. More importantly, he carried himself well. I even got a glimpse of his penis. From what I could see, it looked quite nice. I looked from the computer screen to him and he gave me a sexy smile. I wasn’t done savoring the photos when my roommate Christina came back. I couldn’t decide if I was glad that Christina came back just in time to stop us from tearing each other’s clothes off.

That was the beginning of it all and it just got steamier from that night on. To say that we spent the next month flirting with each other is an understatement; our exchanges were nothing short of seduction. Without getting into all the details, here’s a sampling of what we did: exchanged nude photos, exchanged suggestive and seductive emails, rubbed up against each other “accidentally”, flashed each other, and threw seductive glances at each other discreetly. I am sure we were both wondering where this was going to lead to.

After a month of seduction, we finally let our desires lead the way one night. Earlier that day, we arranged to go out for wine after attending an exhibition in the evening. There were a lot of people there and we barely got to talk all night. Finally, people started to leave and we waited for the right moment to slip away unnoticed. I hopped on his bike while he pedaled us away standing up. It felt like he was stealing me away. All the while, his delicious ass was rotating left and right on my lap. I couldn’t wait to feel more of him on me.

We arrived marmaris escort at the same wine bar and ordered a bottle of robust and full body red wine. As more glasses of wine were poured, we became friendlier and friendlier. He started rubbing my thighs and running his fingers down the cleavage of my breasts. My hand was caressing his lovely soft hair and rugged stubble face, pulling him close for some little sweet kisses. Although we were sitting in the very back, it was quite daring because someone we know could walk in anytime.

As we became more and more openly affectionate, I felt the eyes of the bartender and waiter on us. They would frequently walk pass our table to go to the back room, sneaking glances at us making out. By this time, we were kissing and licking each other’s fingers openly. We didn’t pull back. If anything, their awareness encouraged us to put on more of a show.

After our third or forth glass, we talked about the most interesting places we have had sex. I told him my fantasy of being overtaken by passion and ravaging the object of my desire in a dark alley. That seemed to have peaked his interest. He looked at me with one eyebrow crooked and asked, “interesting… is this just a fantasy or is it something you would want to turn into reality?” I answered him with a devilish smile along with a non-committal shrug.

We didn’t take much more time to finish the wine. After leaving the wine bar, we took a stroll around the neighborhood. Without mentioning it, I think we both had the idea of turning my fantasy into reality. I couldn’t quite remember who was leading who but we ended up walking along a stone wall that led up to a vista point.

All of a sudden, he pulled me towards him and threw me on the hood of a parked Land Rover. He leaned in and ravaged my mouth with his lips and tongue. Without hesitation, I kissed him back with just as much lust as a wave of excitement filled my body. After a month of seduction, this was what I had been fantasizing about. Little did I know, things were about to get hotter than in my fantasy.

By that point, it was my carnal desire running the show. All I wanted was to run my hands all over his hot body. Having a mind of its own, my hand found its way down his pants and was greeted by a rock hard cock. He let out a couple of delightful moans as my hand rubbed its head lustfully.

Despite the alcohol in my system, my hands skillfully and swiftly unbuttoned his pants to free his raging hard-on. Without thinking, I kneeled down to meet his cock for the first time with some sweet kisses. Although I was pretty buzzed, I couldn’t help but notice how exquisite it was. The shaft was surprisingly soft and smooth, the taste was delicious, and its shape and size filled my mouth perfectly. I was sucking and licking his cock like it was the most delicious lollypop I have ever tasted. I could have gone on forever. By this time, he moans were getting louder and he was pulling on my hair.

He pulled me back up and we started kissing again. We were both breathing heavily and also moaning quite loudly. He lowered his head to my breasts and started licking and sucking on my hard nipples. His hands continued moving down to unbutton my pants. When he reached between my thighs and inserted a finger up my pussy, my whole body shuddered and I let out a loud moan. This encouraged him to pull my pants further down to fully expose my soft hairless pussy. Besides a well groomed triangular patch of hair on my pubis, I naturally don’t have any hair surrounding my pussy lips, which makes the area very soft and smooth. I’ve never met a guy that was not delighted by that and he was no exception. Without hesitation, he dove in with his warm lips and tongue and proceeded to earnestly lick my pussy. His skillful mouth and tongue action sparked hot sensations throughout my body. I thought my head was going to explode. The whole neighborhood must have heard my cries of delight.

After marmaris escort bayan having had a taste, he placed me on the hood of the car and positioned himself between my legs. By this time, our pants were down, shirts partially off and were extremely aroused. He pointed the tip of his cock to my pussy lips and started to tease me by rubbing it up and down. My head was spinning and all I wanted was for him to dive deep inside of me that instance. I nudged his hips towards me and that was all the encouragement he needed to plunge in.

As I felt his cock penetrating my tight pussy and opening me up, we both reacted with a carnal groan to the incredible sensation. It was just the right size to fill me up without any discomfort. “Fuck me, Shane, fuck me!” I moaned. Any semblance to coherent thought left my head at that moment and was replaced by pure sensory stimuli. All I could concentrate on was how amazing his cock felt inside my body; how our lustful scent contrasted with the cool night air; how our bodies moved together synchronously; how I could taste my juice when he leaned over to kiss me; and how awesome our bodies must look going at it uninhibited.

We were making a lot of noise and people kept walking by! I started to get a little weary but I think it excited him even more. We both lost track of time and weren’t sure how long we had been indulging on each other. When more and more people started to walk by, we decided to stop. We got dressed clumsily and headed back down… although the experience was phenomenon, we both wished that we would have been able to finish it off properly.

Just when I thought it would be hard to top what we did on the Land Rover, we did something even hotter and more daring two days later.

It was Saturday late afternoon in the studio. Most of the people have left for the day but there were still a few students left. He was working on his drawing. I suddenly had this great idea. In our school, halfway down the stairs to the lower level is a small enclave that contains a small room for the model to change. The model changing room was kind of hidden behind the some storage shelves. I pulled out one of my canvases, set it on top of the table, and went upstairs to grab a ruler.

As I walked pass the room where he was working in, I threw him a devilish smile and motioned him to follow me. With a smirk on his face, he followed me down the stairs. I looked up at him innocently and told him I needed his help to hold the ruler while I measured the canvas. As I was measuring the canvas, he started chatting but I didn’t hear a word he was saying. To shut him up, I walked up to him and planted a gentle yet seductive kiss on his lips. His expression changed very quickly. I stepped back and motioned him to get in the model changing room behind him. With a knowing smile, he obliged. I turned off the lights so that no one would think that anyone is down here.

I pulled back the curtain, entered the room, pushed him against the wall and devoured his mouth. Our hungry hands eagerly found their way underneath our clothing. He was delighted when he discovered that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

We were both taken by the spontaneity and the unknown of how far we were going. Someone could come down at any moment and find us half naked! However, since I messaged him that “I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around his lovely cock again”, I knew I had to at least go down on him. I unzipped his pants and he excitedly pulled them down for me. I crouched down and started sucking him off. He threw his head back and was trying very hard to keep quiet. I gazed seductively up at him as I slid my wet lips up and down his hard cock. I loved the “this is fucking awesome” look he was giving me and felt myself getting wet.

Next thing I knew, he pulled me up, turned me around and pushed me up against the wall. He pulled my pants down and I knew what was coming. I titled my round butt up to receive escort marmaris him from behind. As soon as he slid his cock in my pussy, I felt him pushed deep inside of me, going balls deep. He let out a muffled groan and proceeded to thrust in and out of me eagerly. I loved being pounded from behind and had trouble holding back my moans every time he drove it deep in my pussy. We were both feeling so hot that it was impossible to slide in and out without our bodies clapping loudly together. I was so turned on and wet that I could feel my juice running down my legs.

What we were doing was so impulsive and I love how we both just went with the flow without saying anything. After a few minutes, he asked me where he should come. I told him, “Just let me know when baby, and I will finish you off with my mouth”. As he continued to pound me, I could feel his cock getting even harder and the strokes getting deeper and faster. I knew his orgasm was building and couldn’t wait to give it to him. When he was ready, he tapped my shoulder and I quickly turned around and took his throbbing cock in my mouth to release him. A hot stream of cum started squirting right away; he had to place his hands on the behind to steady himself while mustering what energy he had left to keep quiet. His orgasm was rather intense and he quickly filled my mouth with his hot cum. His cum was very tasty – creamy and a little sweet. I swallowed every last drop and licked his dick clean. He had such a look of satisfaction on his face when he pulled me close to kiss me gratefully. You know you’ve fucked a guy good when he doesn’t mind kissing your cum filled mouth afterwards.

It was his turn to break me off. He kneeled down, pulled my legs apart and started licking my pussy. I was not very comfortable standing. I looked around and noticed that there was sort of a window ledge right above me that I could sit on. I motioned him to pick me up and place me on the ledge. It was the perfect height. He was able to stand up while I spread my legs and rested my feet on his shoulders.

He was giving extremely good head, using both his tongue and lips, gentle yet full of motion. Right across from me, there was a mirror on the other wall and I was able to see his head moving between my legs – a very sexy image. Waves of pleasure pulsated through my body as I felt the impending orgasm building. I could feel my clitoris getting more aroused with each flick of his tongue. I motioned him to put his finger in my pussy to intensify the sensations. It was amazing! I almost didn’t want to come because it was feeling so good. When I came, it was so intense that I had to grab a fist full of his hair to steady myself. I knew his hair was there with a purpose!

Just then, the doorbell rang and we heard someone entered the upstairs. We grabbed our clothes and dressed quickly. I told him that I was going down to the lower level so that whoever might come down wouldn’t find us together in the dark. He came down shortly after me. We looked at each other and saw that we were both panting, had flushed faces and our hearts were pounding (from both the incredible sex and almost getting caught!) He had the most awesome look on his face – flushed, extremely satisfied, and dazed all at the same time. After we let each other know how amazing that was, we snuck back upstairs separately.

I have never done anything quite like this before – screwing a guy in (semi) public places. I couldn’t believe how unbelievably fantastic it can be! I am sure we both wonder where and when the next meeting will take place. At some point, I want to actually see him naked and be somewhere with enough privacy so that we don’t have to muffle our moans.

Ever since these two incidences, we’ve been meeting up regularly for pure unadulterated sex. We are both amazed at how sex has just gotten better. With him, whether I will have an orgasm is not a question; just how many and how intense they are going to be! Being the non-committal people that we are, this arrangement that is driven by our pleasure seeking senses is quite nice. However, since there is no promise of tomorrow, we make sure to savor and enjoy what we have today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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