My Sex Life Ch. 19

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Chapter 19: A Much Needed Seeing To

After what had been a very trying and stressful few weeks, what with exams at school and a pile of other niggling things that had been making my life difficult, George came up trumps after Judo the other night and I got the seeing to that I so badly needed.

Much as I’d enjoyed the rough and extremely nasty fucking that Kenny had given me a few days earlier, there’s something about being with George that lifts my spirits in a way that nothing else can. Well, that’s not strictly true, being with Katie has the same effect but, if it’s cock rather than pussy I’m after, then, for obvious reasons, George has the edge in that department.

My mum was on a run of nightshifts so we were able to go my place (although, we did take a quick detour round Arthur’s Seat so I could give him a blow-job first).

We parked in one of our customary spots which, as it so often was, was totally deserted. George was just about able to apply the handbrake and turn off the ignition before I had his cock free from its confines and in my mouth, with me happily bobbing my head up and down in his lap, sucking hungrily. As always, George was murmuring incomprehensible sounds of encouragement as I slurped contentedly on his prick, savouring its strong, musky, manly flavour. His fingers twisted in my hair as I slid my lips and tongue along his length.

Sometimes, at times like these, when I’m lost in what I’m doing, concentrating only on giving George as much pleasure as possible, my fingers develop a mind of their own. This was one of those times. Wrapped up in my own little world, concentrating on nothing else other than the blow-job I was giving George and how wild I was driving him as I prepared to accept his load in my hungry mouth, I hadn’t even realised that my fingers had found their way to my pussy until I became, somewhat distantly, aware of my own impending climax.

With George’s swollen cock trabzon escort throbbing in my mouth and my fingers covered in my own juices, my pussy and womb began to contract and I found myself cumming furiously, bolts of lightening pulsing through me as I brought George closer and closer to the point of explosion.

Lost in the throes of my orgasm, I sucked harder and harder on his cock. George groaned and his hips began to buck against the driver’s seat as he struggled to hold on. With the fingers of one hand buried deep inside my pussy, my other hand pumped up and down his shaft, working in tandem with my mouth as I took him to the point of no return.

George cried out, “Fuck! Oh Julie! Oh, ohhh, ohhhhh fuck!” as his cock erupted, filling my mouth with a thick load of hot cum. I let my fingers slip from my pussy, letting my orgasm subside as I took George’s load in my mouth, letting it pool on my tongue so I could savour its rich taste before swallowing it down. George’s eruption finally slowed to a trickle and I hungrily sucked every last drop from him.

With his load spent and dutifully swallowed by me, George slumped back in the driver’s seat. I offered him my fingers, still moist with my juices and he sucked them into his mouth, licking them clean.

After I’d straightened myself out, I had a cigarette while George pulled himself back together. Once he’d regained his composure, we drove back to mine.

We got in, stripped off and I headed for the shower where George gave me a wonderful soapy rub down. His strong hands slid easily over my body, easing away the strains of what had been a very strenuous training session earlier that evening. Needless to say, I had my fingers in my pussy as he sucked and caressed my tits and it didn’t take me very long to cum. I enjoyed a couple of small but intense orgasms as the hot water ran down my body and, after that, George towelled me dry and carried me trabzon escort bayan through to my bedroom.

After that, he treated me to a wonderful back, neck and shoulder rub; although it’s fair to say, those weren’t the only bits of me that he rubbed and his hands weren’t the only bits of his anatomy that he employed.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes or so of that, I was feeling warm, content, extremely relaxed and VERY turned on, so I rolled on to my back and gave George the chance to pay my front some attention. I have to say, that there probably wasn’t an inch of me that he didn’t explore with his mouth and he brought me off twice with his fingers as he sucked on my tits before his mouth got anywhere near my pussy.

When, at last, his tongue did make its way between my (very) moist lower lips, it was simply heavenly. George spent what seemed like hours pleasuring me with his tongue and brought me very quickly to the boil.

“Ooohhhh, ohhhh fuck, yesssssss,” I moaned as I let a thunderous climax wash over me. My body thrashed on the bed as George beat his tongue against my throbbing clit, fucking me with his fingers, driving me wild. My climax peaked again and again. My body was hot and I was in a state of high arousal. Every time I thought my orgasm was about to subside, it suddenly ignited again, sending seemingly endless waves of pleasure washing over me.

George kept licking and I just kept on cumming and cumming. By the time he finally slid into me with a single, effortless thrust of his cock, I was already on the verge of exhaustion. I lay still, savouring the feeling as his cock filled me, my pussy stretching as it received him.

Usually, when George fucks me, it’s fast and frantic; a sexual collision. Don’t get me wrong, I love it like that and George always satisfies me but, that night, he seemed to know instinctively that I was in need of somewhat more than one of our usual escort trabzon high octane quickies and instead took things at a much more leisurely pace.

I responded in kind, happy to let him take me however he wanted and just surrendered myself to the experience, whimpering contentedly beneath him as his cock slowly impaled me again and again. Kissing him deeply, I flexed the walls of my pussy against his shaft, gripping him tightly. George moaned softly. “Julie,” he gasped, “that feels so good.”

“Mmmmmmmm, yesss,” I murmured softly in reply, “I love feeling your cock inside me.” I kissed him again.

With our lips pressed firmly together and our tongues dancing in each others’ mouths, George’s thrusts slowly increased in both force and tempo and I came again while he was inside me, my body writhing beneath his. “Oh George! Ohhhh yes! This feels sooooo good!” I moaned as he took me even more forcefully.

As George’s climax approached I began to become a little less passive, kissing him more forcefully, moving my hips to meet his thrusts and digging my fingers into the cheeks of his arse as I urged him on. “Fuck me, George! Fuck me!” I cried, sensing that he was getting closer with every thrust. As his breathing deepened, I could feel his cock stiffen and swell inside me as he approached the point of no return.

My own orgasm peaked again just as he began moaning, “Julie! Ohhh, Julie!” and buried his face against my neck, thrusting his cock hard inside me as he came, filling my pussy with his hot cum. I could feel his cock twitching inside me, his body, rigid against mine, my body shaking beneath his as he filled my pussy with his cum.

Spent, he collapsed on to me, breathing hard, his heart pounding as he pinned me to the bed. I held him close as we lay there, our bodies still joined as we savoured the moment.

We lay there, him on top of me, his cock still deep in my pussy for quite a while afterwards. As I held him, my hands slowly caressed his body. I kissed him gently, still tasting myself on his lips.

After George had left, I lay there in my bed feeling warm, relaxed and very content. All in all, it had been just what I needed and he seemed to enjoy it too.

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